AR vs Cary vs Blue Circle vs...

I am looking for an amp on the used market. I currently have VTL MB-125 monos, which I like very much. However, I need to go to a single chassis unit due to space issues. I'm looking for an amp that is pretty quick, detailed but not etched, nice mids and a strong, though balanced low end. I don't mind a little warmth, but prefer sound that is not overly warm and leans a little more toward neutral. Music I listen to is mostly jazz and acoustic/vocal. However, I do put in the occasional classical, alternative and even some hip-hop.

The amps I'm currently considering are:
Audio Research V100 mkII
Cary V12i
Blue Circle BC28
VTL ST-150 (if I can find one used)

and possibly, in the solid state market:
Musical Fidelity A308 cr
Calssé CA200 or CA300

I'm more interested in tubes at this point, just trying to find something that is not too warm, clean and crisp sound. Appreciate any thoughts!!

ps. I'd prefer not to list my system, as it may change once a decision is made. Also, hoping people have made some comparisons with some of these. Thanks!!
One other thought I've had would be a Pass Labs amp, like the X150. Just a thought.
For solid state, I wouldn't rule out a used Ayre V-3.
If it helps.... I am only familiar with the BC28.... Your description of your sound taste matches the sound signature of the BC28 very closely.
Highly recommend a Berning ZH270 ZOTL tube amp. Very neutral, extremely transparent, lightning fast, runs cool, very reliable, small size, plenty of power. Auto-biasing, just plug and play. $4500 new. Very tough to beat.
I'm familiar with all of your choices except the VTL, and from the sounds of your tastes I would agree with Sugarbrie that you would probably like the Blue Circle BC28.
From what you've just said about your preferences, I'd also throw in my vote for the BC28 from Blue Circle.
It has pretty much all the qualities you're looking for.
If you do choose the BC28, make sure you LEAVE IT ON for at least 4 days before you make any firm conclusions about it's sound. I've had the BC28 in house for a couple of weeks, and was only marginally impressed with it initially (compared to my BC8 mono's). However, after a week of simmering the 28 changed so dramatically that I would not have believed I was listening to the same amp ! And as a matter of fact, it's pushing me towards updating my BC8's to include some of the same technology.
Thanks for all the thoughts. Any preferences for preamps with the BC28? The M1 is pretty neutral and quick, not your average tube pre. Also considering a solid state pre. Any thoughts if I go this direction?
What preamp do you have? A neutral and quick preamp is probably fine for a BC28, though I've heard a BC28 with a few different Blue Circle preamps, and depending on your taste, you could be happy with any of them.

I am currently using a 10 year old Aragon Aurum with my Blue Circle amp, and the two of them are getting along quite well. I'm sure there are lots of preamps you could use effectively, but I would always try to pair a Blue Circle amp with a Blue Circle preamp.

Having said that, whatever amp you do decide on, you might just want to run it with your pre for a while and see how you like it. You may find that you don't need to upgrade your preamp.

I don't know your pre, but if you're fairly satisfied with it consider making your source the next priority. I've used my BC-28 with both ss and tubed preamps and feel that its transparency reveals source capabilities and flavor to a greater extent. I'm currently using a Pioneer Elite PD-65 cdp (highly modded for transport use)as a standalone source while my DAC is being upgraded. The BC-28 very clearly passes along the the difference.