AR turntable motor

I am looking for the motor for an AR turntable manufactured in 1983. The motor was made by Haydon for Philips of North America. It is 115 volts, 1.5 watts, 300 rpm #B918339. Does anyone know of a source for this?


If you can't find one you might be able to use one of the aftermarket motors currently being manufactured, but the cost would probably be too much.
Try this gentleman. They have the motor for my Systemdek IV and may have yours. Make sure you write all the information on the motor down to have on hand including numbers ,etc..

If he can't help you then try Underground Sound in Tennessee. The guy behind the Merill turntables name is
Scillia (spelling). They advertise here on this forum often. I hope this helps you some.

Also anyone looking for turntable motor may want to
give these guys a call. The number is good I just tried it.

Walter Kalwara
MJK Inc. / Premotec
396 Chase PKWY Waterbury, CT 06708
Tel: (203) -596-1258 Fax (203) 757-1724
If you cannot find one, email me privately as I have one if I can find it- it has been twenty years...
Best 2 places I have seen for AR stuff, sound of wood actually has new upgraded replacement motors.