AR turntable

Hi, I just have a chance to own a 70' AR XA turnta ble, It's beautiful piece of equipment but little old my questions is should I upgrade the power cord and interconnect(fair shape)? If the answer is yes. Which cable should I buy? I like to keep low price and DIY. Thank you.
dunno about costs, but contact merrill audio for the best ar mods... they should have adwice for ewe about this...
The AR can sound excellent, but, is flawed because of the arm. Forget about the cable and deal with the mechanical problem of mounting a "real" arm upon it. I have done it in the past and the results were worth all the trouble. I have since moved on to much better analog (at a price!), but, still have a real soft spot in my heart for the ability of the seemingly humble ARXA
so you guys never done it? and how can I reach merrill audio? thanks should get you there, regards Richard