AR speakers for tubes?

anyone have anything to say as far as the sound of the AR floor standing models, there is an internet dealer practically giving these away and I wa scurious as they seem a good match for tube amp (high sensitivity and powered woofers)
I use the AR-1b's with an ODL power amp. Very sweet, and detailed with excellent low end and large staging. I also trade off with them to an onkyo 787 for surround sound. I know theres better speakers but like you said for the money there hard to beat exspecially for 2channel and fronts. I am about to order some Antique radio wave amps to try with them. Hope this helps you. Just out of couriosity What site had them listed? Thanks Gary,
I and my father are fan of AR drivers. My father has a pair of AR 3a and we buy a new Swiss made speaker about 7 years ago which use AR's drivers. I use to power the AR 3a with Audio Innovation 500 integrated amplifier (25W class A 4 EL34s). According to my personal experience, solid state could be a better fit for AR. However, it could be fine to go with a tube amplifier if the woofers were powered.

BTW, I also curious about the internet dealer you are talking about.

this is the site