AR Sp8 possible breakdown

.Hello everyone, I just bought a SP 8 mk2 and I am not familiar with the startup processes of this device.
The problem is that when it turns on after the 2 minutes of security, the left channel hits a bang and sometimes it takes a few seconds after the other channel to play.
If I turn it on with the mute function on ok and wait a little more than two minutes, I don’t know about this problem.
Should I be concerned?
These capacicitors have been recently checked and are in their correct values, also in case that is the reason for the problem; Wouldn’t it be present on both channels?
Correct value isn't so much the issue as whether or not the caps are drawing power. Usually you would expect power supply issues to manifest in both channels, but when the bypass isn't correct that isn't a given. So if the caps are original get them replaced- if the power transformer dies you'll really be regretting it and they smell terrible when they go.
thank you very much for your help. And if I change these capacitors, the next problem is which ones to put so that we don't lose the essence of the original sound.
Your unit needs to go to ARC for immediate service before you have a serious problem.