AR SP16 Question......

One notable flaw of this amp seems to be the volume gain, it really goes up fast for the first few steps then is not as bad through the middle and top end of the volume spectrum.
On my dads gear with Classe amps bridged mono at 300w per and 95db eff speakers (Legacy) he cant get good volume because it comes up so fast it either is too loud for him or too low, no happy medium can easily be found.
On the way are Vandersteen Wood Quatro speakers wich I believe are 87-89db efficient so my question is with the new speakers will the gain not be an issue anymore, and if it still is would Rothwell 10db in line attenuators be the answer? My father will not put big money into solving this so hopefully the less efficient new speakers will make this a thing of the past, does anyone think this will be the case, or will we have to look into the Rothwell?
I've noticed that with ARC preamps as well. My speakers are 89db, so it is still noticable. It's the type of volume control ARC uses plus only 70 steps on SP16.
I had the same issue with LS-15. Now with LS-25 it is better. Besides the gain is adjustable, so that helps as well. See what it'll be like with the new speakers. Only then you'll know.
This is a WAG (I don't have a ARC SP16) but I suspect that the 6 to 8 db difference will give you at least a reasonable amount of flexibility. A lot of ARC pre's also have a built-in input gain reduction switch of feature. No?

The Rothwells are an excellent solution except for the 'purists'. If you're Dad doen't want to spend a lot of money the purists will not accept them in their club. :-)

I had the same problem with 87db efficient Harbeth Compact 7's. It only got worse when I went to 96db efficient Daedalus DA-1's. This was only a problem with high output sources like my CD player--not really an issue with my medium output Dyna 20X. There is an easy and cost effective solution that does not compromise the sound--have ARC do a "6db gain reduction mod" which amounts to popping a very high quality resistor on the CD input which attenuates that signal slightly. My understanding is that this can be done for all your functions if you like but as I said it was only an issue on the CD for me. Now my CD and phono gains are about equal and I have plenty of "play" at lower volumes. Call Leonard and he will hook you up.
Hey Newbee thanks, they 16 doesnt have the gain adj, most ARC pre's do, the Phono pre was backed down a bit to help but digital cant be adjusted.
My dad is more a music lover than an audiophile and after being exposed to myself and friends and our goofy ways I am not so sure he wants invited to the club lol.
But we have put together a really nice rig for him and his collection of music would put many to shame, last count maybe 3800 lps and going on 7000 cd's, we have been to the old Stereophile shows and are going to the NYC show in May, so maybe he has one foot in the fire, plus the bond my dad and I built over audio is something I wouldnt trade anyone for.
We run the SP16 w/ Quatros and various amplifiers and source components and the gain is usually fine. Without knowing how much output your source has and the input sensitivity of the Classe's, I can't be certain, but yes, 8 db is a big difference and should help.

The only recent ARC preamps to offer adjustable gain were the LS25's and the LS26.
Thanks guys, I thought they new speakers would work themselves out until Dodgealum posted his experience, but we have options so all is well......thanks a bunch.