AR SP-5 or Threshold Sl-10

Hi all,

I have an opportunity to get 2 preamps, the AR Sp-5 SS at $350 or Threshold SL-10 pre at $510. I haven't found much information around on either pre which isn't a very good sign. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of either one? Or opinion on whether I'm getting a decent buy?

WOW! I havent' heard about the SP5 in quite awhile. I owned the SP5 for almost 20 years. I matched it with a Bryston 4B and was very happy. (remember, I did not have the ears I have now, nor the audio savoir faire..) I paid $600, brand spanking new, without bass and treble controls. I wouldn't pay $350, EVER! Offer him $250 and remain firm. Knowing what I know, now, the SP5 was no big deal. You can, probably do much better, though $$ are always a factor. Good luck. peace, warren
Given those 2 choices it would be a "no-brainer" for me. If they are both in good working condition, go for the Threshold. It is a MUCH better piece of equipment.
Well I own an SL-10 and just upgraded to T3si Threshold.
I kept the SL-10. It's old and excellent, the T3si for a lot more money is marginally better and doesn't do phono.

The AR is a good pre but not in the same sonic league as the SL-10. It was state of the art when built and not far behind now. It's still and excellent pre, the state of the art hasn't moved very far.

The SP5 twas never state of the art. It was a "good" preamp. The SP6: now that was a preamp. I believe the SP5 was ARs first attempt at ss. I believe they had a different name for it back then. Something like "analog modules." Not sure, buy that rings a very distant bell. You can do better than this pre, if you're contemplating spending $350.
I owned an SP5 along with a D52B, purchased both new in 1979. The SP5, along with the SP4 were both SS with "Analog Modules" supposedly providing a "tube" like sound. The SP5 was very durable, but sonically okay, nothing to write home about. I should have gotten the SP6, but bad choices are as easy to make as good ones. You can do much better than an SP5.
Thanks for the great feedback guys. Does the Threshold for around $500 seem like a good deal? Too bad about the SP5, but its what I figured based on the lack of reviews I could find about it (not to mention its $600 price new).

Could you tell me anything about the sound character of the Theshold SL-10? Warm, cool, revealing, airy, presence, bottom end, etc? Thanks again.
Has anyone had any experiene with the sp4, which I'm pretty sure was the first solid state ar ?
My AR SP5 has developed a harsh leading edge to piano notes.