AR Refinish

OK OK I know an old AR manual table is not very high end. It was my deceased dads so I hate to trash it. It has a Grace arm and new Grado cartrige. Sides are walnut, top is dull black. Everything is black in my system so what the heck I am thinking about refinishing the walnut in shiney piano black finish. How would you go about finishing it
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Here is an option. Take your wood TT base to an auto body shop and get a price to have it painted gloss black w/ a clear coat finish. I just got a price to have a small body shop repaint a pair of very large vintage Polk speaker cabinets for $60-$80. Yours should be about $20, and they will do it with commonly available black auto paint and clear coat after hours for extra money.
great suggestion-I will check out
That, or perhaps if you have a Guitar Luthier in your area?
The myriad of finishes could be as simple, or as complex as your wildest dreams. Candy's, Tints, Sunbursts, etc.
Luthiers usually have good experience working-finishing woods. Mark