AR Pro II Microflat Speaker Wire

I've been reading a lot about using simple magnet wire for speaker cables, solid core and very little dielectric influence. I'm dealing with wall mount MMG-W speakers so I'd optimally like to have a flat speaker cable and I ran across the Acoustic Research Pro II Microflat wires. They appear to be solid (non stranded) flat copper wires in a thin and flat insulation. Has anyone used these? Would these be close in function to the typical magnet wire solution everyone is raving about?


I've installed the Microflat for the rear channels of my A/V system with fine audible results. ( I couldn't fish behind the existing wall & ceiling ) Ran the regular 16 gauge flat cable under the floating floor and along the baseboard. Then soldered the Microflat to it for the final run up the wall behind the molding and then directly on the drywall to the speakers. Then spackled over it and later re-painted. Not perfect, but good enough for me. I bought the microflat at some close out for virtually nothing. Best price I can find on the web now is just under $1/ft when buying the 100' roll. My advice is to use the regular 16 guage flat wire if you are not going to invest the time & energy to refinish the wall. It's sturdier and easier to work with Also, there is another brand of microflat wire out there ( name escapes me ) that appears to be of higher quality. Sorry, I have no experience with magnet wire. But from what I've read, a wide foil wire will likely have different properties than a regular soild round wire. And long runs of magnet wire may need twisting to cancel out EMI/RFI. But let's not get carried away here.......... Another option would be to run the magnet wire by cutting a narrow groove into the drywall and pushing it in carefully. Of course, more finishing work. Lastly, if the wall is still open, and you can spare the $, buy quality in wall speaker wire. JPS Labs is one to consider. Good Luck.