ar preamp to manley stingray int.amp no sound come

try to connect ar preamp use main out (single end) to manley stingray integrated amp though cd input but no sound come out?? does any one know why??or i can only us preamp w/power amp??thanks!!
That's a really bad idea. I would check each piece individually to make sure you didn't damage them.
There is no reason that it should not work, do you have the volume knob on both the Stingray and the AR turned up a bit? If either is all the way down, you will get no sound. Then again make sure that they are not turned up high either as the gains of each will be additive.

If you are doing this just to use the phono input in the AR, a better way is to use the tape out on the AR, if there is one.
thanks,problem sloved,is the mute buttom forget to switch on,thank!!!