AR or BAT with Merlin TSM MM?

I bougth a pair of merlin tsm mm, ( I did not received yet), but I have one doubt about wich amplifier to use, I have two options:
Audio research vsi55- new( $3300) integrated
BAT vk60 used - $2500
I live in distant country with few options in tubes amplifier, I know that Berning and joule are the best combination, but I cannot buy this amplfiers. One friend that knows about tubes,he recomend to use BAT but changing some tubes, if I bougt this I will have to spend some money in buying one pre and tubes, may I use one passive like placett? or is better to use pramplifier not passive? or I can use bat vk60 with a cdplayer with a pre like quad 99, or audio aero? my room is 3x4 meters.

I now have 3 opps'make that 4 per amps. A CAT3 a First Sound and the Placette passive--The 4th is a Macormack rdl.---The Placette is by far the cheapest---and cheapest looking too. If you can find a way to get the Placette next to the amps and use a 1mt. cable to the amp---you won't believe what this cheap looking thing can do.--We know where the money went;not on the looks,--but on the sound. Be amazed;try one. You can sell it for what you paid in a minute;if it don't do magic for ya.