AR LS 17 & LS26 Comparisions

Has anyone heard these new pre amps from Audio Research? Curious to know how they compare to the models they replaced and in comparsion to other brands in their price range.
I upgraded from the LS25mkII to the LS26, and the new preamp is in a different league. It's an incredible deal considering it costs only a little more than its predecessor. I believe them when they say it outperforms the Ref2mkII. In short I was amazed by the difference. I'm sure there's a similar improvement with the LS17. ARC's new lineup is simply state-of-the-art.
Thanks for the update. Just curious what is the retail price on the LS 26?
go to for descriptions and prices of all their products
The LS26 is $6000 retail and the LS17 is $4000.