AR highend equipment by Cello

I remember ads for AR equipment designed by Cello back in the late eighties or early nineties. Was this equipment ever built and sold?
Hello, I know I'm late to the party, But I own a pair of AR Limited 3's. Is there a way to private message on this site? I would like to contact
 rob755 to talk to him about the spares he has for the Limited 3's.
That being said I love the sound of the limited 3, I also have the ar 9's in comparison I would say the 9's have better bass,but the L3;s have better mids and highs and overall a smother balance. They are also moor acceptable by my wife to put in our living room.  

The AR9 was one of my favorite speakers of all time.  You needed muscle to make them sing.  A friend had two Phase Linear Dual-500's bi-amping them.  I could find no fault in them whatsoever.

Given the right electronics, nothing back then could touch them. 


The early Cello Amati speakers utilized AR drivers.  I never heard them, but I've been told that they were not very good.  Later, Cello switched to Dynaudio drivers (produced to Cello's specifications).  These speakers were in fact very good, but also power hungry!