Ar ethe current LP's available for $25 or so as goos as the old ones.

How about the $1500 plus ones?  Are they worth the money to people with more resources than me, or just for people who feel better about always paying a lot to try to have the best of everything?
chackstera: Apparenty, I was not clear enough. The thousand dollar plus ones are not reissues, but new music. AA does carry both. However, I know what sounds a lot better than a $1500-2500 LP: A CD and a trip to France... after the vaccines is proven

That's for sure, for a trip to France I can decline a CD. 

Are reissues by DOL, WaxTime, Universal as good as originals?
or they are just fakes, run off digital?
You can compare reissue vs. original in your system.
If we’re not talking about some very rare and expensive LPs then it’s very easy to buy an original and reissue will cost you probably more (especially "audiophile" pressing). Then you can check by yourself in your own system. I have never heard a reissue better than the minty original pressing.
Most of the time, the original press will sound better because the master tapes were fresh and the record is the permanent snapshot of that recording event.  More so than the original Master tapes because they deteriorate with time.  If one takes care of their records, they can last a long time.  Reissues sometimes use secondary tapes and other sources.