ar d-300 amp with mcintosh C-22 pre

I own Audio Resaerch Amp and just bought a McIntosh Commemorative Edition C-22 (Balanced Outputs). However, the Mac came with a warning NOT to hook up the pre-amp with an amplifier that amplifies DC(IE: DC coupled from input to output). I called AR and found out it is INDEED a DC coupled amp. The warning notice says that it could cause speaker damage (but I have a protect feature on the amp). Is this really a SERIOUS problem IE- don't dare hook them up together OR is it McIntosh being SUPER conservative to avoid liability suits?? Love the Mac and before I hook up, I wondered about any comments. thanks much...isn;t problem solved with using balanced outs ?
HEY>JERKWEED,how many thread headings does it take for an ignoramus to post a problem??? Three is probably not enough,better post a few more times.
Dear Avguygeorge: Thanks for your kind positive energy herein. Many people are quite busy and go to message boards that appeal to them. This problem could be interpreted on many levels so I wanted to reach as many people as possible as my time to return the amp expires in 3 days. I can see that you had nothing to add- but plenty of time to waiste. you had better htink twice before dissing people especially when your words are border line proper if English at all. PS- you do sound quite average=
Hi Barritone, You hit the nail "wright" on the head. It couldn't of been said better. I wish I could of been of some help. Good luck! Tom... P.S. Where's Carl?
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