AR CD3 MKII vs Sim Audio Moon Eclipse Cd player

Has anyone compared this two players? My musical tastes goes with jazz, voices, latin music,... except rap, rock and similar.
Thanks in advance for your opinions.
My system is composed by BAT VK 51SE (pre) and VK 75 SE (amp) with Sonus Faber Cremonas.
Yes- I have compared them both extensively- the Eclipse was superior to me if I had to live with one of he two. The CD3 MKII had better 'jump' factor, but was not as relaxing to listen to, and actually I found it fatiguing after a while, with a bit of an 'edge' to it. The other panelists agreed. The Eclipse also has excellent bass, and very good detail retrieval- in fact I prefer it in a tube-based system like you have, where it mates well due to it's 'non-tubey' neutrality...
I have not had the opportunity to make this direct comparison, however, I can spend an entire day of dedicated listening with the CD3 MKII without any fatigue whatsoever. My music tastes include mostly jazz and female jazz singers. Don't overlook this great redbook player.
I agree with Zargon. I'm not sure I hear any edge to the ARC CD3 MkII. It might be that even in an A-B CD test, the differences one hears is greatly influenced by the associated electronics and speakers. It is all about system building nad getting the various pieces to work together.