AR/Aragon Has anyone used this combo?

Has anyone used used Audio Research Pre(SS) and Aragon amp(2004/4004) together before? and if so were there any problems? like speaker "pop" when started up? Thanks
I used an ARC SP-11 tube preamp with an Aragon 4004 for 3-4 years with no problems at all.
ARC LS2B with Aragon 8008B feeding Thiel speakers. Worked well.
Thanks to both, I had tried an LS3 with my 2004 a couple years ago and had a problem "popping" the speakers no matter what I tried. I have been thinking of trying to go that way again but have had a lot of reservations damaging my Apogee's. This makes me feel better.
hello, I ran an LS15 into an aragon 8002 for months. No pops, no problems. It was a good match.