AR 9 LS Speaker Protection question

 Question : Does these AR speakers have Relay Speaker Protection ?

..I dropped my needle on a vinyl record when playing,.. this made a loud feedback noise.

The left channel of AR speaker quit working.

I waited a while and retried playing record, and it played correctly !

My Amp  is  a Bell Canto 1 C5 i . Could this have occurred  because of Amp protection ?...or speaker protection ?...Your thoughts please.

Thank you 



My guess is that it's your amp. I had a pair of 9 LS that we damaged before we realized that the bridged NAD 2200s were feeding them a kilowatt at 4 ohms. The upper mid/ tweeter failed (they share a magnet). When I called AR the second time they asked if we were a repair station so I said "yes, we fix them here" and got a discount. I don't recall a breaker/reset on them.