AR 510 Speakers

So I borrowed an old pair of AR 510 3 way speakers.  I have a modified Counterpoint SA-100 power amp that I have used for a few years now.  As most of you know I repair, modify components.  The AR speakers with my parts upgraded Counterpoint SA-100 sounded just like an old pair of box speakers, warm, musical, but very boring.  I recently rebuilt a Counterpoint SA-220 with bi-polar transistors and class A output stage but still using the main circuit board with the 6DJ8 tubes.  Well to make this story short, WOW.  What a difference.  The SA-220 just walked all over my SA-100.  The AR 510s opened up, had more dimension, more details and became even more musical.  I sat there asking myself what just happened.  What an improvement.

So while there are may people posting reviews here on Audiogon, I thought well if I would have posted a review of the ARs with my amp the review would have been much more different than if I was using the rebuilt Counterpoint power amp.  Always learning something new is the way to look at all this I guess.

Happy Listening.