Aqua Acoustics DACs

Anyone have experience with the Aqua Formula DAC or Aqua La Scala DAC?  
We are a dealer with the Aqua Hifi Lascala MK II non XHD and the Formula XHD on display.

The Aqua Dacs are very musical, and have a distinctly non digital sound to them.

The Lascala outpeformed our EMM Labs $15k in terms of bass punch, dynamics and liquidity the EMM was a bit more tranparent, but the Aqua was insanlely good.

One of the coolest things with Aqua's products is that they are completely upgradable, the Lascala is built on 7 or 8 different boards and is one of the most upgrable pieces of hardware we have ever seen

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
Being an Ex-dealer for Aqua Acoustics, i can agree with Audio Doctor.

Iv compared both La Scala and Formula. If funds permit obviously the Formula would be the one to go for.

They are inherently very musical piece of hardware that shifts your attention from the electronics and allows you to enjoy the music.

I have the Formula XHD up for sale on Audiogon, It has by far kept up with DACs costing thousands more. The unique aspect of this DAC is that it can be upgraded very easily, Every sub-circuit is isolated and modular. You can literally upgrade power supply boards, Processor board, FPGA and so on. 
I have two friends that own the Formula. One previously owned the LaScala. Have heard many high priced DACS, but the Formula and the Bricasti were the only ones I wished I could have at home. Cheers,
I am also looking at upgrading my DAC and seriously considering the Aqua Acoustics products.    
I have dropped Asian Distribution for Aqua and have our last Formula XHD (Latest Version) in stock this is now posted on Audiogon. It is Almost 40% off Retail. 
Anyone have experience with the Aqua Formula DAC or Aqua La Scala DAC

Good to see Aqua La Scala using the R2R Multibit chip, the last best one, the PCM1704K. They must have had stocks of them as they are unobtainium now. Good bet they’ll move to discrete R2R Multibit after they run out, like the Aqua Formula uses.

Cheers George

Hi Guys, any other owner's experience regarding Aqua Formula xHD ?I'm seriously considering this DAC with it's streamer the LinQ.I can't find a better combo in this price range and the upgradability makes it a future proof investment.