AQ vs Signal Cable vs BlueJeans vs MonoPrice

I need speaker cables to connect my NAD integrated amp to my Wharfedale speakers. First system ever. Total budget (for the cables) - $70. The rest of the system cost $930.

I know that's not a lot to work with, but those four brands seem to be popular low budget options, could anyone help me decide? what models would you recommend?

I only have experience with Signal Cable and have been very happy with them. The Classic cables will suit your budget.
Monoprice is the place to go, great sound, best value. Also consider 12 gauge speaker cable at Home Depot. I've compared it to stuff costing ten times as much and can't tell the difference.
Signal Cable sounded better in my system than Blue Jeans when I compared them, but then, I wasn't using the entry level SC model. In any event, I'd be patient and buy used when a length you need comes up.

If you're doing your own cable terminations, such as adding banana plugs, the Blue Jeans Cables are tough to work with, and kind of brittle. I prefer AQ solid core copper for this. I actually use both in my HT system, AQ type4 for the front array and BJC for the surrounds, because I have very long runs and couldn't afford AQ at that length. I think it sounds great.
Six foot pair of Speltz anti-cables, with shipping, $68.00.
It may very well be the best choice out there. Call them and specify the type of terminations you need (spades or banana plugs.) I just switched to these anti-cables, after years of Audioquest Type 6+, and couldn't be happier. They are pretty amazing at delivering a wonderful sound of music ! See my thread about them. Good Luck, and Happy Listening.
On your budget I would look at JW Audio Cryo Nova. Like some of the others have a money back guarantee and are good.
what are cable terminations? (sorry if this is a stupid question).
Terminations are the ends of the cables.....the way they attach to your amplifier (on one end) and your speakers (on the other end.)
you can just use bare wire at the end of the speaker cable to connect to the amp and speakers, but when dealing with the compact layout on the back of a home theater receiver, its hard to get in there with your fingers and tighten down all the connections onto bare wire, there just isn't any room. This is where banana plugs really come in handy, they're quick, they just plug right into the connection on the amp and speakers. no sore fingers.
Lots of cables are sold with the terminations already installed, but I'm cheap.