AQ type 4 vs. Kimber 4vs....

ANyone compare these budget cables?
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Yes, and gave them away.
The AQ Type 2 in a double-run config is supperior to the Type 4. I know because I own both.
If you truly do a have a modest budget for your speaker cables, then the Kimber 4VS offers good, although not stellar, performance. I can't comment on the AQ cables, since it has been a long time since I heard them.

The 4VS cable uses essentially the same wiring configuration ("variable strand") as the more expensive 4TC, except the dielectric (insulation) on the wire is not Teflon ("TC" stands for "Teflon coated").

My son uses the 4VS cable with his Vandersteen 3A's, and I've heard them a number of times. The Kimber "VS" and "TC" cables offer excellent value (cost vs. performance), and any "sins" they commit are ones of omission -- i.e., they may leave out the finest details, etc., but they add very little. They also have electrical characteristics that make them very forgiving with a wide range of speakers, so you can plan on keeping them if you get another kind of speakers.

Since you don't indicate what components you have in your system, it's hard to know if it make sense to upgrade to the 4TC. If your system is fairly modest, then the 4VS will probably work fine, but if you have good quality budget components (Adcom, Rotel, Parasound, etc.) then it may be advisable to spend the extra money for the 4TC cables. You can often find sections for sale here on Audiogon for about the price of 4VS sold new.