AQ-SWITCH SE - Network setup

Hi I want to get the best sound for my digital audio.

I have a NUC with ROCK and a Allo Signature player. The router is the EdgeRouter™X from Ubiquiti.
I also want to connect my Marantz AV8805, PS3 and my LG C8.

I connect my internet to the EdgeRouter. To the router I connect my Ubiquiti UniFi UAP-AC-PRO and my switch. My current switch is the D-Link. the switch is sitting in my stereo rack. I have a 10m cable running from the router to the switch.

I would like to have the NUC hitting away in another room because of the noise its make. But the it will not be connected to the very expensive Q-SWITCH SE.

How do I get the best from the Q-SWITCH SE?
You want the Q switch connected to your dac or server. For very best sound' put the router on a LPS, router to your D-link switch, D-Link to FMC - FMC to Q Switch, Q switch to server, server to dac. If you can put the FMC and Q Switch on a LPS as well. With this set up you have completely isolated your server and dac from as much noise has possible. Also FMC (Fiber optic) is cheaper to do then a good quality 10 meter run of ethernet cable and yes all cable including ethernet cable is important and can be heard in a high quality system.

Check out Computer Audiophile site they have a thread dedicated to this which will help you understand more if you need to and give you lots of ideas to try. 

Sorry don't know what UAP-AC-Pro is, 
Hi thanks for a detailed explanation. Ubiquiti UniFi is wifi