AQ Sub-3 sub cable owners experience(current and previous owners)

Hi all,
My dealer is selling a used AQ Sub-3 subwoofer cable and it has a 36v dbs pack attached to it. This is just to get some information and not a debate on sub cables. I'm only looking for those who have owned or still own this subwoofer cable and can tell me their experiences. I would like to know what kind of sound can one expect from this cable when hooked up to say an SVS SB13 Ultra sub? Is this cable solid over long runs( 25 feet or more)? Which end does the dbs pack plug in(preamp end or sub end)? Would this be a good choice as opposed to the new lineup of AQ subwoofer cables?  Thanks all in advance.


I own AQ Sub-3 cable, 24 ft Rca + DBS
It is a very good cable and optimized for low level signals. No problems with the length. DBS plug to Preamp out.
It is a good choice, it was the premium sub cable until AQ changed the line.
Hi syntax..thanks for the information. Which DBS pack you have on your sub cable? Does AQ sell individual upgrade packs do you know say if I wanted to upgrade the dbs kit? Is it worth it for low level signals? What sonic characteristics do you notice about this cable in your sound system?

 Nobody else own the AQ Sub-3 subwoofer cable out there? If so, your feedback is welcomed. 
I owned it and sold many. It is fine subwoofer cable. But these days Audioquest has better ones. But they are more expensive. iI depends about the money you want to spent.

Thanks bo1972.

I received it this past Friday. It came with an extra 36v dbs pack on it which was nice of my dealer to put one on there to make it 72v dbs.

Which leads me to my subs auto-on circuit is tripped easier since I received the dual 36v dbs Sub-3 cable. Checked with my manufacturer and Audioquest. They both suspect a voltage leak in one of the dbs packs. AQ suggested to remove one of the packs and see if that helps. My dealer said it was all just plug and play..used a Y connector pigtail- 1 female end and 2 male ends plugged into the single pigtail wire of the AQ Sub-3 cable. So I'm not sure what or how this could cause a voltage leak. Any suggestions.

I also put a 72V dbs on my sub 3 cable when I owned it.

I can hear when one of the dbs-72c is not connected. I am not sure every one will hear it.

When you use a pair of cabels and one of the dbs-72v will have a problem you get a way of unbalance in the sound.

Hi you mean a pair of cables or dbs packs of 36v each? You are saying the sound will be unbalanced with a pair of 36v dbs packs? I was thinking of just buying one 72v dbs pack and removing both 36v dbs packs. What do you think?

I put one DBS72v on the Sub-3 cable. Audioquest gave it to me.

My recent Wild Dog also has one DBS-72v.
Hi thats nice of AQ to provide you with a 72v dbs pack. I have been in touch and they want to see a picture of the cable with the dual 36v dbs packs. See what happens there I guess. 
Is your Wild Dog a sub cable too?

This the best and most expensive Sub-cable today. It is 100% full silver with DBS72v. It brings subcabels to a much higher level.
Yes I can see how the Wild Dog is a definitive improvement..nice post. I still have the issue of the auto-on circuitry turning on as well even when the system is turned off. I have yet to remove the second dbs pack. Will get to it this weekend. Thanks for your comments bo1972. Much appreciated
Hi all, AQ says it may be an issue with the pigtail connector or the dbs packs themselves. I removed one pack at their request to see if the issue of the auto on feature in my sub was still getting triggered. It was still triggered with one 36v dbs pack. 
I remembered I had two other 36v dbs packs from an upgrade I did to my Gibraltar speaker cables. So I decided tonight that if it is the current 36v dbs packs I originally had on the Sub-3 sub cable then I will test my other pair from my Gibraltar cables and see if my auto on in my sub gets triggered. 
My question. Is there a better way to secure the two 36v dbs packs to the Sub-3 cable. I have velcro straps but would plastic zip ties wrapped around the pair be more stable and hold the dbs packs in place better? Any advice is welcome. Thanks.