AQ Hurricane placement

I currently have an AQ7000 power conditioner plugged into wall with an excellent 20amp high end cord. I addition I have an Agostino amp plugged into the 7000 with same high end cord.
No need for another cord so naturally I ordered an AQ Hurricane anyway to check it out.
Would it be best to start on the amp or the conditioner? I have read great things about the Hurricanes on amps and am inclined to start there. Anyone that knows this cord have an opinion? Many thanks in advance. 
Hi 4425,
How's the trial with AQ Hurricane on the Niagara 7000? I am interested in your experience as I will be getting a similar set up soon. Thanks.
Actually I never was able to use it due to space limitations behind my rack.Its a very impressive cable out of the box. I have zero doubt that it would be awesome on an amp or power conditioner.Great designer.
I say let it burn in from wall to conditioner. The highest rate of amperage will be to the Naigra.
After leaving it there for a few weeks, then see where if does the most good.