AQ HDMI Cables

I have a hi-end McIntosh and B&W system and am looking to replace my HDMI cables. My dealer is specifying AQ Chocolate for the cable box, AQ Vodka for the Blu-Ray, and AQ Cinnamon for the cable to tv. The Vodka is double the price of the Chocolate which is double the price of the Cinnamon. Does anyone have any experience with these AQ HDMI cables and any suggestions of what would be adequate for my system? Are these good suggestions?
i have had experience with one of the aq hdmi cables--don't remember the model. i used it between the pwt and pwd.

compare the aq to the harmonic technology.
I used aq cables but then switched to wireworld cables.
I am using the Cinnamon in a 5m length between my Sat and Pre-Pro. I had a Analysis Plus in it's place and the Cinnamon seems to have resolved the "handshake" issues I was having. Picture and sound seem to be good. I would go with the Cinnamon or Vodka on all 3 runs. I think that would keep it consistant. I am also using Trbutaries 9 in a 1 meter from the blue ray to the Pre-Pro. I chose the AQ basically as it was readily available. THe tributaries was on back order in my length.n What Mc are you using?
I just can't wait until they come out with pomagranite!
I agree with the suggestion from the dealer. I only have two sources to connect to my Classe SSP-800, a TiVo box and Arcam blu-ray. I did go with the Vodka from Blu-ray and Chocolate for TiVo . I felt the Blu-ray should have the better cable.

I have been happy. I had HDMI cable issues in the past and would need to swap out and so far no issues with AQ. Of all my cable upgrades the HDMI was the most difficult to tell differences but I bought them. I am comfortable with that and my audio/video are excellent.
Sorry and Vodka from Classe to display. So I used the two higher end for Blu-ray and pre and a level down for TiVo.
Another option between the Chocolate & the Vodka level, would be the Carbon. I recently installed one from my Blueray (OPPO BDP-95) to tv. I replaced a Monster M1000 that I've head for ~5yrs (was their top of the line). They are a short run (~6 & 8 ft) & I know some claim a difference between HDMI while others say there is absolutly none (being a digital cable, unless running long lengths) but without going back & forth I think I did experience a difference. Colours seemed abit different (possibly more natural) & the blacks got blacker. I did need to re-calibrate for black levels after the swap, so I don't think the difference was, all in my head.

Makes sense to me, what your dealer recommended. Go with different cable "levels" based on how critical the connection is. I'll probably go with the Chocolate from my satellite to tv.
My dealer informs me the reason to use a high quality (expensive) HDMI cable from my blu-ray player to my processor is not necessarily for video quality, but for the audio quality of both CD's (music) and DVD's (movies).
Is this true or "dealer fiction".
Does the dealer have any demo's you can take home? Best bet is to do a double blind test to see if you can hear or see any difference.

Half the people will say absolutly no difference while the other will claim there is. Only way to know for sure is to try them out in your system & see, if it makes any difference to you. And make sure your doing the double blind test. The mind is a funny thing, it can make you hear things that sound "better" when it knows the cable your running cost twice as much as the other.