AQ Earth interconnects..echo?

I recently "upgraded" to Audioquest Earth interconnects at $995 per one meter pair.
After 10 days of hearing echo or reverb in the background I went back to previous Columbia IC's.
I wish to know if anyone has tried AQ Earth interconnects and satisfied
I have the Columbia's myself, and looking at the Earth, I don't see that much difference between the 2 cables. Its possible that the Earth is revealing more details than the Columbia, showing weaknesses in the recording and equipment. If Earth was silver, your issue would be more plausible.

AQ has a huge problem with people selling fake cables, but unless you say otherwise, I'll assume you bought them new from an authorized dealer.

There's one simple thing you can try that will only take a few minutes, but to be honest, I'm not sure if an IC can give this type of problem. But if you are using balanced cables, maybe. Put the Earth back in the system and listen to a recording that you know well, something that has a strong certer vocal image. Make sure the image still has that strong center image with the Earth in place. If the vocals appear to be coming from a different location (not center between the speakers), or they are greatly diffused, the cables may be wired wrong internally. And it will probably be just 1 of the 2. But again, I'm not sure if you can even have that type of phase problem with IC's, but there's no harm in trying.

Also, try the cables in a different location. Maybe they are not a good match for whatever equipment you have them with.
You state that you are hearing more echo or reverb? It might be that you are hearing more ambiance retrieval, which is a good thing. It may be more open and you are hearing the spatial cues more with the Earth cable?
Perhaps that's it,more ambiance retreval-
Could have done without..
$1000 is alot for these cables,
Regret the purchase
"01-15-15: Sheilalagro
Perhaps that's it,more ambiance retreval-
Could have done without..
$1000 is alot for these cables,
Regret the purchase"

I wouldn't be too quick to judge here. Reading your original post, it seems like your instinct tells you something is wrong. There may be something too that. Sometimes with audio, you may think you have a problem and can't quite put your finger on what it is. It just may take a little time to unravel what's going on. Like I said in my first post, looking at the 2 AQ cables you have, they don't look all that different from each other. Given that, I wouldn't expect them to make big changes. No question, I could be wrong, but I would definitely do a little experimenting first.

Even if there's nothing wrong with your new cables, they won't necessarily sound the same if you move them to a different location in the system. I've always found that a more revealing cable will sound best going from a source to the preamp, than it will going from an amp to a preamp. But if nothing works, I would see if your dealer would let you trade it for something else.
If you bought them from a dealer, speak with them and voice your concerns. Try both cables at the store and see if you are hearing the same thing there. The dealer should be there to help you with any concerns after the sale. If they can't help you, contact Audioquest directly. Even with a company as good as Audioquest, QC issues can occur. That potential needs to be eliminated before you drive yourself crazy with a bunch of trouble shooting when a defective cable is the cause. Don't give up on those cables just yet. I previously owned Colorado which I believe Earth replaced. I never heard the effect you are describing here. They were very even handed and did not call attention to themselves IME. Good luck.
I spoke w/Allister @ Audioquest
I consider him rude & patronising
I have Earth interconnects in XLR and RCA configurations. Not a single problem. Very happy with them.
Sheila...sorry you had a bad experience with Allister. He is normally a really good guy. I've had several dealings with him and he was always very helpful and polite.
"01-17-15: Sheilalagro
I spoke w/Allister @ Audioquest
I consider him rude & patronising"

I love AQ cables, but if that's how he was, make sure he can say the same about you. I'm pretty sure I know who you are talking about. He has an English, if I remember correctly.
The extra airtubes give more details in the high freq. Beside
this you get a sharper individuel focus. Like instruments become
more physical. The interconnects need 300-350 hours of burning