Hi, Once again I turn to your experience for advice.

I am currently streaming Amazon HD/Ultra HD from my cellphone to a Bluetooth receiver that is APTX HD (whatever that means, sorry for my lack of knowledge).

I wonder what I should do to get more from the streaming experience, in terms of sound quality. I hope to avoid cables to the cellphone (Note8) and computers.

I am not unhappy by any means. Just wonder whether an alternative method will reveal a significant improvement.

Thank you!

Perhaps I should add that the receiver is attached to the amplifier (IOTAVX SA3 & PA3) and LRS speakers.
While Bluetooth has come a long way over the years APTX HD (and LDAC for that matter) is still inherently lossy. It's convenient no doubt but the sound quality is lacking in comparison to lossless streams over WIFI. A streamer like the Bluesound Node 2i would be a nice step up for you and wouldn't necessarily break the bank.

The OP has told us that he prefers Headphone Listening, without wires.  That pretty much confines the OP to Bluetooth or AirPlay.  I have the Node2, and in the same system I also have an Audioengine Bluetooth DAC.  Without question, when it comes to Bluetooth, the Audioengine blows the Node2 away by a wide margin.  I believe that the Node2i uses the same Bluetooth codec as the Node2, and the OP already has a Bluetooth DAC that seems to work well, so the Bluesound doesn’t seem like a good solution for his problem.
  Or does the OP have a problem?  I suspect that there isn’t much that can be done to improve the current setup with respect to Bluetooth.  You can experiment with better Bluetooth headphones—the latest Bowers and Wilkens get good reviews—but as Melvin notes, it is inherently lossy so there is a ceiling to what the OP can achieve.  I would just stop suffering from Audiophilia Nervosa and enjoy the music
The OP has told us that he prefers Headphone Listening, without wires.

He did? Well, I read (and re-read) the post and did not get the impression headphones were in the mix. In fact, the gear he lists didn't suggest that to me at all (IOTAVX integrated amp and separate power amp and Maggies). My apologies.

BTW, nice review of the OP's IOTAVX gear here:


Hello again and thanks for the replies.

To avoid confusion, there are no headphones in the mix.

I am starting to understand that I can remain wireless, just over WiFi rather than Bluetooth by adding a Bluesound. 

So let me see if I envision this correctly. I cable a Bluesound to my amplifier. Then wirelessly connect it to the WiFi and as the cellphone also connects to WiFi I make a connection to Bluesound from cellphone. 

Bluesound substitutes the APTX device.

Does the quality of the WiFi matter?

The house is not huge but it long and wifi is in the heart of the house and HiFi is at one end. 5Ghz signal is useless and the 4Ghz is okay.

Cabling would be a headache. Maybe Bluesound has great antenna or can add one?



To avoid confusion, there are no headphones in the mix.

Thanks for clarifying. 

Seems you've basically grasped the concept. Your phone/tablet/computer will be for setup and control. There are desktop apps for MacOS and Windows computers and apps for both Android and iOS, which are quite nice .. not perfect .. but done well.

The only way you'll know if your WiFi signal is good enough is to try it and yes, it does matter. A WiFi extender or mesh router system can fix a WiFi issue if there is one. 
My apologies to Melvin, I really thought the OP was discussing headphones.  
My apologies to Melvin, I really thought the OP was discussing headphones.

Thanks but not necessary. Your post was interesting nonetheless. I have an aging Wyred 4 Sound bLINK for my Bluetooth needs and the sound quality is far better than the Node 2’s implementation. As usual, everything matters, even with Bluetooth.

After further experimentation I've gone back to the AAC setting. The sound via Aptx hd lacks fluidtity, Anyone else agree? 
I guess a combination of things, skill, knowledge, deaf ears due to age.

I honestly find it hard to distinguish between Spotify 320 kbps, Amazon 24/192 which on paper is a world of difference one being below CD quality and the other way better than CD.

And hard to tell difference of both services between APTXHD (24/48) and WiFi Bluenode 2i that purportedly transmits the full 24/192.

What am I missing?

PS I think those are correct numbers for the services. Errors and Omissions Excepted. 🙂