Apt Holman repairs

I own an Apt Holman preamp, circa 1980, designed by Tom Holman. There used to be a few highly reputable repair companies that upgraded some of the components in these preamps, along wtih performing expert repairs. Does anyone know of any such companies?
The person to contact is Bill Thalmann at Music Technology. Bill is a former engineer at Conrad Johnson. He still does repairs, rebuilds, mods, and upgrades to CJ and most other brands; both solid state and tube. He has upgraded the power supplies on two preamps for me, as well as doing a few internal tweeks.

See this website link


Bill's email is bill@musictechnology.com

You could also try Stan Warren of Supermods. If you don't know Stan, he was one of the original founders of PS Audio (the PS stands for Paul and Stan). He later founded Superfon. Stan still builds preamps and would probably be glad to give your preamp the once over. Stan can be reached at (541)344-3696. Best time is 3pm to 7pm pacific time. Stan has done a few digital mods for me.