April Music Eximus/Oracle Audio CD1000 Transports

Anyone have experiences with the April Music Eximus or Oracle Audio CD1000 transports that they wish to share? How do they stack up against the venerable Levinson Nº 37? Thanks.
I haven't heard either, but I did audition the little brother, the April Music Stello CDT-200 ($1,500.00) for two months at home.

It literally blew away my Theta Data Basic II in every aspect except the depth of the soundstage. So much so in fact, that I tried to put the Theta back into the system and couldn't handle it any longer.

I ended up going with a demo Accustic Arts Drive 1 ($5,300.00 List Price), but recommended it to some friends who auditioned it and bought one themselves.

We all added the $25.00 IsoClean Gold Fuse from Artistic Audio and it improved both the April Music Stello and the Accustic Arts transports significantly.

Another friend has had the Levinson Nº36/37 combination since they were introduced 9-10 or more years ago, so I'm very familiar with it. I considered picking up a used one, except for the drawer problems. Even my friend has to manually push his in now. I also ASSUMED that the newer technology would be of a benefit with the current transports.

The April Music components are getting rave reviews, and from my friends' and my own personal experience with the baby brother, had I had the extra money, I would have explored the Eximus path.

The Oracle, other than reading the reviews, I know nothing about.

Hope this helps,
Perhaps throw in a Mark Levinson 31.5 into the question ,as well ?