Not many threads on this cd transport-Does anyone have any real life exp. with this unit??
Hi, to my knowledge only the Eximus Stello cdp is currently being manufactured. It is a very good sounding unit. I auditioned it recently and compared it to my own Accuphase DC-91 DAC (with the Eximus Stello as transport). I'm contemplating to get one for a home audition. If it betters my old Accuphase digital combo, I would probably buy it.

Since no one else is responding, I'll pass on my limited knowledge. I became aware of Eximus at CES 05 when one of the best sounding rooms at that show was using all Eximus electronics with DALI Megaline speakers. Another room that sounded very good was using a complete stack of Eximus with some very boutiquey hand crafted metal speakers. I spoke with one of the Eximus / Stello people and he was concerned about providing value to the high-end world. He expressed concern that if manufacturers didn't get realistic about their prices,m the high end would disappear.

One thing that wasn't clear to me was if there was any difference between Stello and Eximus gear other than the fancy casework.

Limited info, I know, but it's all I have.
Eximus and Stello are two different lines by the same company, April Music. both are superb. I've heard the Eximus transport briefly at a shop about two years ago and was impressed. But I haven't had a chance to do an extensive audition with it. One of the reasons is the price is a bit out of my league for a transport. There is a less expensive Eximus CD player out on the market here in Korea that's also a top loader. I think it runs about $2500. The Stello gear is also impressive. The difference is certainly in the build quality and materials. The Eximus products are significantly heavier. I've been to the April Music headquarters and they are good group of people very dedicated to high fi. You should give them an audition.