Appropriate quality interconnect between Oppo 203 and Denon AVR? Suggestions please!

I've always listened to my Oppo players via HDMI into my AV receivers, but a recent visit to an audio store has me looking for a set of analog ICs.  At this shop, the rep played me a comparison of the same CD via HDMI vs the analog outputs.  There was better clarity and immediacy, sound stage, and imaging via the analog outputs of the CD player vs the HDMI version.  This would be for two channel listening to CDs, SACDs, DVD-Audio discs.

So, I think I'd like to try out a set of interconnects for my Oppo 203 player and Denon AVR.  The question then is, considering that I'm not talking here about high end components, what price level and quality level of interconnects would seem appropriate?  It seems that the benefits of more exotic and expensive interconnects might be lost due to the quality level of the actual components that are in the Oppo and Denon. 

So, what level of ICs do you think would be reasonable for this application, and can you recommend any specific products?  What might be the point of "diminishing returns"?  I guess my budget would be up to a few hundred dollars.  Thanks! 
What interconnects were used in the comparison? 

In general I spend about 10% of the cost of the two items to be connected on the connecting cable. Other opinions will vary greatly.
In your case I would not put full value to the AVR as much of its price was for the multi channel processing. I would consider ICs from Audioquest, Diamondback or King Cobra.  Buy used, possibly check out Music Direct. 

I'm very happy using Anticables ICs between my Oppo 103 and Krell s300i integrated. They cost about $300 or so.
Signal Cables, available on Agon.  Very good quality at a low price.  The Analog are like 50 and the Silvers are like 80.  Can't go wrong.  I've had several pairs of the Silvers and they were fine.  
Just checked the Anticables site. IC prices start at $50 per pair.
I can promise you your best bang/buck is the $50 pair from Anticables.
  They are normally $100, on sale half off. They will be insanely good for your setup.
Just re-read my post. Sorry, I should not have said "I can promise you..."
I don't like absolute statements made by others, and should have simply given you the correct price of the ICs without including my opinion. As always, YMMV...
Okay, let me back up a bit.  It's not like I don't have ICs on hand.  I have a set of Audio Art IC-1 and some other older ICs of which I do not remember the name and brand.  So, I could just use those if I wanted to go with entry level.  The IC-1 seem a bit constricted compared to the set of Audio Art IC-3 that I also have.  I have used Anticable ICs before and was not overly impressed.

Now, I also own and use a set of the original High Fidelity CT-1 interconnects between my Denon AVR and my Krell power amp.  I really like the openness and transparency they provide, but I'm not wanting to spend that much money this time. 

So, I guess I'd be looking for something between entry level and the level of the High Fidelity price range of cables, perhaps in the $300 range.  Yes, I do know about the newer High Fidelity Reveal cables, but I think they cost ~$700.  Perhaps the Signal Cable Silver might be a good option.  At least they are inexpensive, so it's not a big deal to try them out. 

What about the Silnote Audio Morpheus Reference Series II RCA  interconnects that are advertised here on Agon?  They can be had for $199, which is nice.  Anybody have any experience? 
I have had good results with a Chord C-Line IC between my UDP-203 & Hegel Integrated
If you don’t have a local Wywires dealership, which I don’t; I’ve had great luck buying directly from Alex. If he has cables he used at shows he might offer you a great price to move older inventory. He’s very helpful and will take the time to talk with you. You might be able to pick up his Silver series for what you’re looking to spend. Other option is build your own. Real simple DYI cable is find some silver cable and do the Kimber 3-braid, and spend the money for some good ends. Michael Percy and VH Audio are great sources to build your own. You’ll be surprised how great these sound. You’re basically building a Kimber KCAG but not with their varistrand conductor. If your running a stock power cord on your Oppo, I’d start there first. On the braid with RCA ends it’s one on the hot and two on the ground... the digital cable is the opposite. To save some money do the Silver Streak with one silver and two copper. The quality of the ends are very important or you’re just wasting your time.
There is a Sale | Zu Audio with some incredibly low pricing for anyone who needs power and speaker cables and ICs. They say they are very close to the Mission line of cables for a fraction of the price.

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