Appreciate Some Dac Advice

Looking at improving on my main DAC which is currently at Krell Digital Vanguard.

My systems...

Windows 10 system running Logitech Media Server 8.2 connected to Synology DS920+ NAS where flac and dsf files are stores. Significant portion is either 96 mHz flac files from blu ray audio, 96mHz and 48 mHz files from DVDs or dsf files from SACDs. Other than that, have Tidal and use the LMS Tidal plugin.

Main system: picorePlayer 8 on Raspberry Pi 4 with Hifiberry Digi2 Pro > Coax > Krell Digital Vanguard > Dynaudio Focus 360

Outside System: picorePlayer 8 on Raspberry Pi 4 > USB > Cambridge Audio Dacmagic 200m > NAD C325BEE > Definitive Technology AW6500

Home Theater: picorePlayer 8 on Raspberry Pi 4 with Hifiberry Digi2 Pro > Coax > Denon AVP A1HDCI > Dynaudio Focus 220 MK II

Everything is played using Squeeze Ctrl on my phone.

Mainly listen to main system and outdoor system.

Looking to improve on the sound in main system. Think I will not see significant improvement with the outdoor one unless I want to upgrade speakers and Amp. But, don't think you can do much better than AW6500's for outdoors (open to hearing other options).

So, been looking at the Chord Qutest and RME ADI-2 DAC FS as possible options to improve on the sound over the Krell. Also had looked at Ifi Pro iDSD. Haven't auditioned any. Just a lot of research. Prefer a ceiling at $2K. While, I don't mind tinkering, prefer set it an forget it. Which had me thinking about Chord Qutest. I would like DSD as I have a significant SACD collection. However, not hung up on native DSD and DOP and PCM are okay.

Thank you for yous thoughts and help.


I'll chime in also. I've had the Pontus II 

for about 2 weeks and it is superb. It

sounded great right out of the box. 

Great sound, built like a tank and 

reasonable price. Very happy with

this DAC. I spent about four hours 

today listening to all genres of


If you have $2800 the Denafrips Venus is much better then the Schitt tags I owned their latest hardly analog sound

I swap in some fairly exotic DAC's, but always amazed when I put the ol Benchmark DAC2 back in.  Very transparent and fluid with firm, deep bass.

@btscott - Three weeks now with my new Pontus II. Though I have yet to compare with other DACs, I did notice an overall improvement when bypassing the built in DAC in my Hegel H190.

If it is true that there is a break in period, then I look forward to hearing even better details, resolution, etc.

Definitely worth an audition.

Build quality is great too. Very satisfied with this DAC. And I just made it before the price increase!

Safe listening and good luck in your search.