Appreciate recommendations for SS preamp purchase

Hello All,

Considering a possible preamp upgrade. Currently have
a Linn Kolektor. No complaints about the Kolektor, just
doing some general system upgrades, including multi-amped
DIY speakers. Currently have other Bryston and Linn

New & Improved system will eventually include a
Technics SP-10 turntable setup. ( I also have a Thorens
of some sort, either 124- or 125- something something
to experiment with. )
I already have a Linn Linto MC phono pre.
So, the new preamp won't need an MC section.

Hoping to stay around $1K for the new pre, but I have
been known to indulge my daydreams...........

Thanks much!
If you already have Bryston gear, you can consider the BP-25 for probably slightly more than your $1K limit. I've never personally liked the Bryston sound, finding it a little too sterile, but many people do.

There are plenty of other choices, including the Marsh p2000b, McCormack ALD-1, Musical Fidelity A3cr or A3.2cr (the 3.2 has a little more clarity, the 3 a little more on the full and warm side, but I'm splitting hairs here), or Classe 5- or 6L. You might also find a Krell KRC-3 (cheesy-feeling volume knob but surprisingly good sound) for slightly more than your desired limit.

If you could elaborate more on how you would like to maneuver sonically and what your listening preferences are (and whether you intend to use balanced or single-ended connectors) it might help to nail down some specific recommendations.

I have a Cambridge Audio 840E preamp, which you can find used for under $1000. Am pleasantly surprised at how nice and clean this pre-amp sounds. Those Terrapin modules and the discrete resistor/relay attenuator work quite well.
Hello, Thank you for the input!

Answers to above questions:
I listen mostly to classical/orchestral/opera.
Other equipment I have has predominately single-ended

"Sound" goals: Generally speaking, I don't want to lose
any source signal info. Now, that may be a naive statement.
Downstream from the preamp, I believe I'm in decent shape.
But the pre itself....
I'm not savvy about what electrical specs I should be
looking for, i.e., gain in dB, S/N, THD, etc.
In terms of features, I don't need more than 4~5 source
inputs. Tape recording in/out might be useful, I don't
know. (What do folks do these days about writing onto a
CD ? Should I get a CD burner...)Yes, I am playing a little
catch-up these days. I do not know what an MP-3 thingy is,
and I don't care.
I would like an MM phono input, I have the MC phono pre.
I DON'T want a remote control, or an integral coffee maker.
Just a good, clean source switcher.

It's entirely possible I don't fully appreciate what a
$5000 preamp does, or how difficult it may be to get
your signal ready for the power amp.

Anyway, I do appreciate all suggestions, even pointed
comments too !
So it sounds like your first priority is transparency.

I would try an Edge Si-1m or Musical Fidelity A3.2cr for your listening preferences (or, for a little more, the Musical Fidelity A308cr is a step up in that department). And the Bryston BP-25 is consistent with your goals, as well, and should mate well with your Bryston amp.

Don't think specs will help you make a decision. Noise on most modern solid state amps is very good, assuming you don't have hum or ground loop problems. I have a Halo P3 as well as the Cambridge, and noise wise both are dead quite with the JC-1 power amps. As far as definition goes, the P3 can't come close to the CA.

If you don't want a remote, then the CA is not for you. You might be irritated by the click clack sound it makes changing volume as it uses a discrete resistor ladder that is relay selected, and you can hear the relays clicking on and off. But it changes volume in 1 dB increments, which is nice.

Tape loops are pretty much useless, unless you are old school and have a reel to reel or cassette deck (remember those?). Copying/repro of CDs is best done digitally on a computer with CD burners. These make exact digital copies and avoid the losses going from digital to analog back to digital again.

MP3 sources are "compressed" media and as such are not high fidelity media, IMHO.
Hi Noslepums,
I tend to think pretty much like Michael above (Sufentanil)
But I would like to add to his list a couple of my favorite $1000 or under pre's. The Muse 3 Signature is musical and envolving, smooth and detailed, articulate and great bass, you cannot go wrong here... Next the Audio Research LS-9. It doesn't sound just like a muse, but also very good in every dept. These two are top contenders for best Solid State pre Under $1000.
These are both balanced, single ended and remote.... The Audio Research does really need to be used balanced to get all you can out of it, the Muse is great either way.
Good Luck, Tim