Applying Gruv-Glide w/ Rega P3-24

Will I damage my Rega table by applying light pressure on a turning record with the velvet Gruv-Glide applicator pad? My old TT was a direct drive, so I wasn't worried about slowing the platter a bit. However, the Rega is a belt-drive... will I hurt it by applying a little drag?
In theory you'll shorten the life of your drive belt in tiny and incremental amounts, but aside from that I wouldn't worry about damage to the Rega - as long as you use light pressure.

I'd be more worried about applying gunk to your records. Should you ever move to more revealing rigs you may be sorry, as you may find yourself spending hours cleaning it off. Putting foreign matter between the stylus and the groove may make for a quieter ride, but it impairs playback fidelity. The better the rig and system, the more sonically objectionable this sort of treatment becomes. (Been there myself and did that, then undid it.)