Applying Dynamat to electronics

Hi there, I was curious to find out how to best use dynamat on electronics, I would assume mostly on the bottom but how is it best applied and what kind of dynamat works best?
I would suggest Dynamat Extreme as its adhesion properties are far superior to older Dynamat.
A little can go a long way!!
i would agree. just start with a few strips, easily cut with a sissors. i apply it to the outside of my electronics because i don,t care if it looks bad. some people have put some around the non moving transport areas of their cd player with good anti vibration effects. i have not done this yet. i put some strips on the metal frames of my woofers also. if you put it inside the cabinets just double check clearance and vent openings obviously. and don,t overuse it because many people have reported dulling the sound with over damping. good luck.
I used Dynamat Extreme to line the inside of a preamp case. It did a great job damping the vibration of the box, and gave the unit a nice solid heft. I have no idea if it improved the sound though. Putting the Dynamat on the inside kept the unit looking good -- you couldn't tell from the outside that anything had been done.
I've found that Dynamat improves the sound of electronics and speaker cabinets. I used the non-Extreme version and found that sometimes it loosens and can interfere with moving parts such as CD transports.

In one case I had to return a CDP to the manufacturer for warranty repair and found that although a tedious process, Dynamat can be removed, with GooGone used to clean up any residual adhesive.
A good source for Dynamat is the installation shop of most Best Buy stores.