AppleTV high noise floor / better alternative?

Hi all, I hear substantial speaker hiss from AppleTV when playing at higher volume levels.  It doesn't happen with any of my other sources, it happens with 3 different AppleTVs, and interestingly it pauses for a moment when I change audio modes within the AppleTV settings.  This leads me to believe that AppleTV has a flaw in its audio circuitry, like it may be converting internally to analog and then resampling back to digital on low quality circuitry.  I'm sure there are forum members who know and understand the details better than I do.

Anyway, specifically for streaming music, what would be a better option?  I'm happy with my other gear so if the device could just get the digital audio stream into my A/V preprocessor without messing with it, I would be happy.

FYI, my main source is Amazon's new HD music service.  Also disappointing: there's an AppleTV app, but it doesn't handle HD music.  You need to stream from a recent phone or tablet to get HD.

I should mention that the speaker hiss is constant even when nothing playing, so it has nothing to do with the network or source material.  It happens no matter what audio settings I use on the device.  I am connected via HDMI and of course switching the cable makes no difference.

I have an Apple TV 4 and it is dead silent. I use the Amazon music app which is CD or higher audio.

I also stream the Berlin Philharmonic, VEMEO, Radio Paradise, and the MET Opera, which are all CD or higher quality audio apps on Apple TV.

Use an ethernet cable not Wi FI to the apple tv.

Also use fiber optic audio cable out of the TV, into a D/A converter, to preamp.
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I have 2 Apple TV’s that are dead silent.  Have you tried complaining to Apple?  Perhaps a different unit can solve the issue.
If you want to upgrade the streamer, try the usual suspects....Bluesound, HEOS, it depends on your budget and there are multiple threads here.  Even if the Apple TV was replaced, it’s still a high jitter device with a poor DAC.  I was running one of my units  through its optical out into a DAC, but then I would have to disconnect that if I wanted to use the HDMI to stream a movie so that experiment didn’t last long
Let me add a little clarity on using the Apple TV box with a stereo system audio playback.

Do not use the audio output on the Apple TV box due to the poor d/a converter in the Apple TV box.

Connect the Apple box to the TV set via HDMI cable. Then in the TV set settings change the tv audio output to PCM stereo audio output. These gives a constant volume digital output via the fiber optic audio connector on the TV set. Run a fiber optic cable to a d/a converter then analog output from the d/a converter to the preamp.

Your preamp volume control is then the only volume adjustment. The remote control on the Apple TV box and the TV set remote control will not adjust the volume. Whatever is used dvd, cable, streamed movies, Amazon music, etc the preamp controls the volume.
 This is the same with a ROKU streaming box.