Apple TV R/L balance issues

Several months ago, for convenience, I began using Apple TV for general listening. The sound is pretty acceptable but I began noticing a somewhat right weighted balance that seemed only to occur with Apple TV and not when using the CD player. I was in the process of trading my Martin Logan Odysseys for the newer ML Ethos so didn't get very deeply involved trying to identify the problem. Yesterday I took delivery of my new pair of Ethos speakers and the balance issue seems even more pronounced.

Somewhere in that path, then, there is a recording and/or delivery issue associated with this system or even the Apple TV unit itself and here's the process I use; insert CD into Sony Vaio laptop drive, burn CD to itunes using Apple's Lossless Codec which, then, automatically syncs to the Apple TV.

What might be the most likely point that this problem occurs is, how best to find it, and has anyone else had this happen to them. I'd also like to know if there is a good way to use a decent CD player to import lossless files to iTunes.

My current system is Shanling CD100 CD player or Apple TV 1st gen, Peachtree Nova as preamp, Peachtree 220 amp and Martin Logan Ethos speakers.
Its an odd problem. Here's a few guesses that you may want to look at. First, is your room symmetrical? For example, is 1 speaker is close to a corner and the other speaker near a space that opens up, like a hallway? Something like that. I would also try swapping channels on your Apple TV. On the back of your preamp, unplug the IC's and reconnect them the other way. Once you do that, listen to the system and see if the problem follows the IC's to the other channel, or is the problem still on the same channel?

If that doesn't work, check your music player and OS settings and make sure all the settings are correct. Balance, EQ, that type of thing.

"I'd also like to know if there is a good way to use a decent CD player to import lossless files to iTunes. "

That's not necessary. Use the drive in your PC. What I would recommend you do, though, is not use iTunes to rip. Download a free program called EAC and install it. Use that for all your rips. EAC has a lot of options, and it can be difficult to use. Search for EAC set up guides. There's a few good ones out there. (If I remember correctly, the best one is on Blowfish). The setup guide will walk you through the setup process to get the best quality rips. Once you set EAC up for the first time, its easy to use after that.
ZD, my room setup is as it has been for over 30 years, save a few changes in furnishings and is pretty symmetrical at least from the plane of the speakers back to my listening location. I tried switching the ICs from the Apple TV to the preamp as you suggested and the weak side follows the interconnect so it's at least not my new speakers or preamp and amp. I knew that anyway because sound from other sources such as the CD player, TV and jukebox are all centered.

It was a good suggestion to check my OS settings (it hadn't even crossed my mind) but everything was neutral. I'll look into the EAC route but I'm still wondering if there is the possibility that the fault somehow lies in the mechanics of the laptop's CD player. It may not be important but these balance issues that I describe, as in many cases, are related to the higher frequencies; voices stay centered. I'll post my findings if I'm able to figure out how to use EAC for burning.