Apple TV/Pandora

Has anyone figured out how to access Pandora using the Apple TV? I love both but can't figure out how to use them both at the same time. I currently access Pandora by connecting over my WiFi connection using my iPod Touch, selecting the station, and then inserting the iPod into a docking station connected to my Magnum Dynalab receiver. Works fine in that system. My other system has an Apple TV as its music server. I would love to be able to access Pandora in the same way as I access web radio stations using the Apple TV.

Anyone have any luck along these lines?
The only one I know of is Airfoil. I have it and it works great.
Thanks Bluecirclehead. Can you elaborate? I am not familiar with Airfoil. How does it work with the Apple TV?

Thanks for your reply.
Airfoil is a $25 software that hijacks any applications and streams it to the apple tv (or any other device). Your computer has to be on, and running pandora as if you were listening from your pc...
Thanks BCH. I will give it a look. $25 would be well spent to access Pandora on my main rig.

Now that there is an app for the iPod to access Pandora, you would think that there would be a way to use it to access Pandora directly from the ATV.

Thanks again.
I was wondering the same thing, having discovered Pandora last weekend. One question though -- my AppleTV is connected via a wired ethernet connect to my network. Will Airfoil still work?


Thanks again BCH. Downloaded Airfoil over the weekend. It works great. Just wish the Pandora screen on my PC would also appear on the TV connected to the ATV.