Apple TV music server question


I'm using an Apple TV as a music server. It often does not respond to the remote. Do I lose sound quality if I select the ATV on the speakers tab in itunes and stream the signal to it from my computer instead of relying on its hard drive?

From the apple tv, the signal goes through a Gen. digital lens and then to a dac.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts or guidance.
FWIW, I can't hear any difference.
I've never had that problem, if it's still under warranty go get another one.
i use my apple tv's (along with airport express units) as distribution points for my mac server to stream music throughout the house. there is a difference though. from my iphone, i connect to the server and then tell the server to use the apple tv (or airport express) units to send the sound to these devices. another way is to connect the apple tv to the server and use the apple remote to stream music from the server thru the apple tv. this way, volume can be adjusted by the apple remote in this case. i really don't like this method because you need a tv to navigate around for the apple tv. too bad there isn't an app for the iphone that displays the apple tv output.
how do you like your digital lens? i use other jitter devices myself before an external dac. this solution sounds every bit as good or better than my dedicated classe cd player.
"too bad there isn't an app for the iphone that displays the apple tv output"

There is, if I understand your statement, REMOTE. Find it at the iTunes Store for free.
jsmonroe - i do use the remote app. but what i would like to see is what is displayed on the tv displayed on my iphone instead. for example, i have boxee installed and i would like the app screen to show all the apps available on my iphone. same goes for other apps on the apple tv
I stream as all of my music is on a NAS. ATV just can't hold enough music and since my NAS is mirrored, I have data protection. I don't use wireless streaming but use the ethernet connection instead.

BTW, also curious. How do you find the Lens? I read somewhere else on these boards since it was developed for CD it starts popping after a while as the memory can only handle so many tracks. Any issues with lengthy playback times?

I like the lens. My system is always -24 to -36, so it is slow. I've never heard a pop despite very long play times. It is a cheap upgrade.

A question for you- As you stream from a NAS, are you still using itunes? Lastly, are you running a cable from your NAS to a DAC directly?