Apple TV/Ipod questions

Hoping for a twofer!

First, does anyone know FOR SURE whether the Apple TV loses its settings when disconnected/reconnected? I have one set up in my main rig and would like to disconnect it and move it to my secondary system that has no video capability. I have a new second unit waiting in the wings to put into my first system where I can install it using the HDTV as a monitor. I don't want to have to start all over syncing the one that now works well.

Second, does anyone know how to use multiple Ipods with a single computer? I have four. The Apple web site is less than clear. I'd like to have separate libraries for the office, car, workouts and to use in my secondary system as background music for dinner parties etc. The Apple site explains how to open a new library, but is silent on where the content of the new library is to come from. Do you open your "main" library as well as the new ones and then drag albums or playlists into the new ones? All my files are in Apple lossless. Can I download them in a lossy format to the Ipod, or do I have to have a duplicate library using a lossy codec to use in syncing the Ipods?

Thanks in advance.
You will be fine to unplug the Apple TV and move to a different location. I had to sync mine with my Mac Pro at work then bring the Apple TV home and connect to my system. No problems at all. I think the only way to get rid of the information on the Apple TV is to restore to the factory settings in the "settings" menu or to sync with itunes that has different content.
Thanks Arch2. Anyone have an idea about usse of multiple Ipods?
Different Ipods, multiple libraries: Your music can be new music stored within seperate folders, or music shared with other Itunes libraries. If shared, within the new library, go to add music and select music from your original itunes library. Once you add music, Itunes doesn't care where the music is as long as it's accessible within an available folder, external HD, etc. Also, I guess, if you have enough HD space you could go into your original library and copy music to a new folder and then point your second, third, etc. libraries to the new music folders you've created.

A simpler approach maybe: if you don't need/want to create new libraries because it's a pain switching back and fourth, you could probably just create different playlists for each Ipod. Once connected, within the Ipod settings, you can select "sync with a playlist."
Thanks Sammie. I'll give it a try.

Thannks for your help.
OK, where did I go wrong? I finally got around to installing a new Apple TV in my main rig. When I unplugged my original (which was working fine) from the main system and plugged it in to my second system, it is no longer recognized on iTunes (or at least not completely). The icon for Apple TV 1 (the original installation) does not show up under "Devices" but does show up as "syncing" in the Apple TV section of Preferences.

OTOH, Apple TV 2 shows up in both places and works fine. In Devices it shows the spinning arrows while syncing.

Adding insult to injury, Apple TV 2 does not show up as an available library on my iPod Touch, so now I can't use it as a remote (with the "Remote" app.)

ARRRRGH! Anybody got a clue? BTW, there is no video monitor available to set up the Apple TV 1 in my secondary system.