Apple TV Help

I recently (and foolishly) synced my Apple TV in order to put a number of "Genius" playlists on its hard drive. Before that, I had no music synced, but was streaming directly from my HD where I have about 1400 CD's (400GB).

I discovered after the sync that I could no longer access my full collection on the HD but was limited to the playlist contents on the Apple TV.

Next, I figured that if I just "unselected" the playlists in question and resynced, I'd be back to where I started. Now, my Apple TV shows no music stored, and I am connected to my HD (photos are unaffected), but no music or album covers show up.

Short of resetting the Apple TV back to factory settings and starting over, any suggestions?

Thanks to all who have answered earlier questions.
Check out the Apple Core over at the Audio Circle web site.

These guys can answer your question.
Thanks Lokie. I will check it out at home after work. Quick look seems like my answer is there.
Thanks again Lokie. The info I found on the site you recommended got me up and running again.
Glad it helped.