Apple TV 4 > TV > DAC

Hi all,

I am a beginner audiophile and have decided to combine my listening space into a TV space as well.

I am wondering if the Apple tv 4 to a TV via HDMI then from the TV to a DAC via TOSLINK is a good idea. I know it will work but does the TV just pass along the digital signal? I also have a TV with analog audio out, i assume this TV has onboard DAC that is inferior to hifi products.

My setup includes Sonographe sd-1b cd player, Sonographe turntable, CJ PF -1 and CJ MF-80's into CJ synthesis speakers. 

I want to add the option of TIDAL streaming so I will be putting an Apple TV in there to connect to a TV out to a dac or my preamp. (dont have a dac yet, would like to hear recommendations but as you can see I love CJ)

BTW, does anyone else have a TV in their HIFI setup to watch regular TV or movies? Or is that taboo and best reserved for home theater setups only?

You usually can route video that way, but why? I mean, you could go straight from your Apple TV to a DAC.

Many (including me) report improvements in listening to these bargain audio streamers by putting a reclocker in the signal just before the DAC, unless the DAC itself includes an Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter (ASRC)

I used to have my 5.1 and 2 ch integrated. I'm still unpacking. It's not taboo at all, but the issue has more to do with whether it's mostly HT, with a reasonably good procesor and preamp, or a 2 CH system that supports HT. I am in the latter camp really. I use an Oppo 103 to do the 5.1 decoding, and my Parasound P7 does the 6 channel volume control.

There is also the extremely rare audiophile who does multi-channel audio, in which case solving the home theater problem is very similar to solving the multi-channel problem. :)


Forgot to mention I have the Apple TV 4, which only has a HDMI output. No optical or coaxial, otherwise yes I would plug directly into the DAC.
Those evil bastids!!