Apple TV 2nd Gen. 5.1 audio output to a 2 ch DAC

I just acquired a new ATV, and it sounds wonderful w/ AirPlay music; quite a lot better than my Airport Express that it replaced; more stable lock & w/ discernably less jitter.

But I am reluctant to purchase content on iTunes such as a movie w/ 5.1 DD audio.

I am feeding the device's Toslink optical audio output to my PS Audio DL3 DAC and the HDMI cable to my projector.

Since the DAC cannot/will not decode DD 5.1, what can I expect to hear, if anything from a 5.1 stream?

Has anyone tried it?

The settings for Dolby Digital audio are: Auto, On, Off. No option to stream down sample to 2 channel PCM/LPCM.

Somewhere I read that the 5.1 stream is not true DD but actually a 6 channel AAC stream. But the specs on Apple TV are Dolby Digital Pass Through on the Toslink.

I do get audio when browsing and playing movie trailers and such, but don't know if that is 5.1 audio in most cases.

BTW, I already called Apple as well as submitted feedback on their website. Their technical support did not yet have an answer.

I figured I would buy an inexpensive 5.1 movie and try it, but curious to know if anyone here has already attempted.

Thank you in advance.
I do not have any experience with iTunes but I do know that, if you send a DD signal (5.1 or otherwise) to a DAC that only understands PCM, you will hear nothing.

On the other hand, I wonder what your setting for DolbyDigital=Off will do.

Like I stated in the other thread, if you turn the Dolby Digital setting to "off", the ATV will output stereo PCM. Make sure the settings are correct, and it will work fine.
Ballan, thanks.

I downloaded Hard Rain & it works! It appears that there is a both 5.1 & stereo audio on the stream. Excellent!
@Ericjcabrera: I'm glad the ATV is working for you, but I'm sorry that you have to watch "Hard Rain". ;)
Ballan, LOL! I saw Hard Rain so long ago, forgot. At least it wasn't an expensive experiment. Still, I do like the music in the movie.

I contacted both Apple and PS Audio; neither seem to have a definitive answer. But it appears Apple already anticipated the issue.

I just wonder why it is not published in specs and all.