Apple TV 1080P version and Marantz SA8004

Anyone hooking up an Apple TV through the tos link on the back of a Marantz SA8004 SACD player and using its DAC?

I want to stream music wirelessly on my network from my Mac to the Apple TV through the SA8004. Just wondering .........
Are asking if this can be done? Or are just stating what you are doing?

It should work because I have an AppleTV 1080p version and I run toslink out to a D.A.C. And then to my Pre-amp etc.

So if my works then the Marantz SA8004 will work.

AppleTV - Toslink digital audio output
Marantz SA8004 - Toslink Digital input
Marantz SA8004 - RCA Analog output
Pre-amp or Reciever - RCA Analog input

There you go!
Thanks - just wondering if it would work and if anyone has done this with an AppleTV and SA8004 and the results they obtained.

Thanks for the feedback - I'm contemplating purchasing these and trying it out. I'm mostly into analog/vinyl, but want a simple CD/SACD/mp3/streaming set up.
I haven't heard AppleTV into the SA8004's DAC, but I'm primarily an analog/vinyl listener too, and I have heard the SA8004. I was very impressed. Many times I find digital playback to sound thin and threadbare, but the SA8004, even playing a std. CD, sounded *really* good. That would indicate among other things that the built-in DAC is excellent. Given that the SA8004 plays both CDs and SACDs, I would guess that it can decode a range of digital datastreams of various bit densities and sampling rates.

Put another way, as a vinyl junkie, if I were to buy one more CD player, it would be the SA8004. Also, if you have any need of amplification, its companion PM8004 integrated amp is *superb* and matches synergistically with the SA8004.
Thanks for the input. I just had the SA8004 arrive today. As I've gone to almost straight analog, I recently sold my Wadia 270/27ix separates. I still wanted a player that would play both red book and SACD but I also wanted the ability to stream Internet radio and play mp3 files. Well, for the music lover not wanting video capabilities, and not want to spend a fortune on a digital fron end, the SA8004 is the ticket.

I currently have the Marantz SA8004 for CD and SACD. Then I'm using an Apple TV connected to the optical audio in of the SA8004. I bought a small LED TV (19inch Toshiba) for a convenient monitor.

Although not close to the sound of the Wadia, both CD and SACD on the Marantz isn't bad at all. The DAC for the mp3 files does a great job in the Marantz. Great product for $999. Highly impressed.