Apple Time Capsule mating

Reworking my streaming setup. I already have an Apple Time Capsule (HD/router) and Airport Express. I will be buying a laptop which will be dedicated to ripping/streaming music with the above Apple hardware to my audio system. Is there any advantage to buying a Mac ($1,300 list) over a PC ($380 list)? I will be re-ripping my cd collection using dbpoweramp, saving as WAV and using Foobar.
Well, Mac or PC is simply a personal decision. The MAC units are ultra reliable, never a breakdown, always the same speed, no matter how many datas you have, no virus (compared to Windows) and the MacBooks are very solid. Nothing brakes internally, to make a long story short, it is working the way it should. Some years I started to replace my office PC with a Mac and time after time I replaced all with Macs.