Apple's Wireless Air Port

Does anyone have experience with Apple's wireless internet product (AirPort)? I am thinking of purchasing this and want to make sure that it will not degrade the sound of my hifi. Thanks....John
I have one. No problems whatsoever.
Thanks...just ordered it. The tech at Apple told me that I will have no issues. The operating frequency is 2.4 Gig.
2.4 gig...could affect digital signals. Not sure how much.
Value Audio--let's get real!

Audio frequencies extend to roughly 20KHz (that's thousands of cycles per second). Redbook CD is sampled at around 44KHz. DSD is sampled at around 2 MHz (millions of cycles per second). The FM band extends to 108MHz. Personal computers that might be around the house have clock speeds from 10's of MHz (for the somewhat ancient) to well over 1GHz (a thousand, million cycles per second).

Anyone living on earth is constantly awash in a sea of electromagnetic radiation from innumerable sources. A flea-powered device such as the Airport (range approximately 150 feet) operating at 2.4 GHz is not likely to have any audible impact on even the highest resolution audio system.

My Airport predates my present audio system: in fact, you might say I obtained my system through my Airport (thanks to AudiogoN and some of its esteemed members). I certainly noticed no degradation of my previous, more modest system after installing the Airport, and I have no reason to suppose that it is causing any problems with my current, far better system.

If I wanted to be very scientific, I suppose I could set up a series of A/B experiments to see if turning the Airport on and off had any audible effect. Fact is, I'm at least as addicted to wireless broadband internet as I am to my new audio system, so I don't foresee performing that experiment any time soon.

I will say unequivocally that even when I play music at wall shattering levels, when the music ends, the only thing that can be heard from the system is dead silence! Putting one's ear directly up to the drivers might reveal some barely audible noise, but that's it.

My advice to John is to go ahead and get that Airport, and hook it up to a cable or DSL modem. You won't regret it for a microsecond!
Thanks for all the great info Rel. Ordered the Air Port and should have it early next week...can't wait!
The only negative effect I have seen from having WiFi (The technology the airport uses) and HiFi together is the interaction between one of those wireless Video Extension devices I was using and the WiFi stuff cause they were running on overlapping frequencies.