I have a new refurbished Apple phone that I have spent quit a bit of time trying to contact somebody at Apple to fix it....Its one month old......I have to wonder how a person can call a Apple person without spending the rest of there life trying to contact someone in the communication business.....I have tried e-mail, of course no body has a phone number, but if your phone doesn;t work , how would you call them anyhow......Maybe I should just sell it and get another brand that works.............What do you think ?? 
WOW that's very sad.
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The only thing I have learned is, stay away from Apple products if you think you will ever need service............
Wow, I signed up on an audio website to read about classic Kyocera gear, and found someone whining about an Apple phone.  I feel like I stepped into the Twilight Zone.
Welcome, you get it all here. I have owned Kyocera cd players, and an integrated amp, all excellent performers, with great build quality.
Very under rated.