Apple Music VS Spotify - Choose Which One

Hi! Which streaming music service do you use?  I compare Apple Music with Spotify from these aspects:

Price: In terms of the subscription fee, they are evenly matched. The costs for $9.99 per month and $14.99 per month for a family. The main difference is that you can use Spotify for free, but not with Apple Music.

Music Library: Now Apple Music has a library of 75 million songs and Spotify has 70 million.

Quality: Spotify divides songs into Normal, High, and Extreme, at 96kbps, 160kbps, and 320kbps. And Apple Music songs are in 256 Kbps in AAC.

Compatible: Spotify is a little more compatible than Apple Music. But they are both encrypted and users can only play these songs in limited players and apps.

A method to solve this problem is to convert Apple Music and Spotify to MP3 with Apple Music Converter and Spotify converter. After the conversion, you can play the songs on any apps and you can also save them forever.
Apple is or will soon be lossless. But it is and probably will never be on streamers while Spotify connect is almost everywhere.
I can live without both.
Solving the "problem" sounds like piracy and probably will not stand.
Qobuz is most highly regarded followed by Tidal by those interested in high quality sound. The others are not mentioned. The high req content, number titles and sound quality keeps them in their own category.
Qobuz as well for me. Next best sounding from my listening impressions are Primephonic and then , surprisingly, Spotify Premium. Tidal sounds worst to my ears of all of the major streaming services.
I would like to choose Spotify. It offers free plan and I can easily enjoy music I like. Besides, I have a tool for Spotify. It is a Spotify Converter that can get music from Spotify free for offline listening with ease.
My favorite music server is Spotify. This is exactly my personal choice. But I like so much. If you need to switch your playlist to other platform use this really easy tool  MusConv