Apple Music Said To Be Planning Hi-Res Audio Streaming Via iPhone's Lightning Port

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Anyone streaming on an iPhone 6 using Apple lightning to usb camera adapter currently?  That specific wire s needed to do it as I understand it.   I would expect iphone this way to be able to do at least cd resolution streaming if app running running supports it.  Plex for example. Plex does higher res on other devices currently.  Running higher res audio apps on iPhone via lightning should not be so difficult but I know Apple likes to stack the deck so one has little choice other than to use their peripherals and software on their devices. 

As a lifelong Apple consumer I must say that they have utterly missed the boat on getting into the high fidelity arena.
Lifelong Apple consumers such as myself are well accustomed to paying more for software,  hardware,  essentially everything associated with computing in general, than for pc based stuff.  We're used to it,  it's what we do.
I'm now using Tidal.

I use both platforms. PC and Apple.

it astonishes me how blatantly Apple has missed this bus entirely. so many times.

at least begin by supporting FLAC. next, HD streaming via TIDAL within itunes. then, incorporate HD file support for DSD & MQA. IOS should already be enabled to 'simply' support HD audio from files or streaming.

ridiculous! darn near plaingly stupid and bad business ethos.